Exploring the Enigma: Are Black Garage Doors a Bad Idea?

are black garage doors a bad idea

Since garage doors have a big role in maintaining the curb appeal of your house, you need to do everything possible to make it look good.

But, sometimes just making it look good isn’t enough, as you also have to take the functionality of the garage door into account. Nothing creates more dilemmas regarding this, than black garage doors.

So, are black garage doors a bad idea? At first, from an aesthetic standpoint, it doesn’t look like a very bad idea to install garage doors in garages.

But these doors absorb a lot of heat, making staying in the garage very uncomfortable. Also, they don’t remain aesthetically pleasing for a long time, as the scratches on them are easily visible, and they become dirty easily.

Let’s see why having black garage doors isn’t a very good idea.

Should you have black garage doors?

Black is one of the most elegant and stylish colors, and almost everything looks good in black. Garage doors are not any exception to that either, this is why a lot of homeowners go for black doors in their garage. So, are black garage doors trending? Yes, they are.

But there’s more to garage doors than just their aesthetics, as their functionality also plays a big role in determining their suitability. This is why black garage doors are a liability to homeowners. Here are the reasons why.

Should you have black garage doors?

1. They make garages uncomfortable

Anything black absorbs a lot of heat, and garage doors are the same. The more heat a garage door absorbs, the warmer it makes the garage. As a result, it becomes extremely uncomfortable to stay there.

It wouldn’t have been an issue if you only used the garage to keep your car. But since people nowadays spend a lot of leisure time in their garages, it being uncomfortable is a big minus.

2. Causing a lack of energy efficiency

Another effect of black garage doors making garages too warm is energy inefficiency. If the garage becomes too hot for you to stay in, you will have to increase the use of your HVAC units in the summer.

This will make your garage energy inefficient, and cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

Sometimes we hear people asking “Are black garage doors more expensive?”. Since you have to pay more for energy bills, black garage doors are indeed expensive.

Causing a lack of energy efficiency

3. Causing a lack of aesthetic value

Although people mostly install black garage doors for aesthetic purposes, their allure quickly wears off. The first reason behind this is the stains and dirt on black garage doors are more visible than on other doors.

So, even if the door isn’t too dirty, it will look to be so.

Also, if the door is slightly damaged, the scratches will be more prominent than those on other doors, such as grey garage doors. This will cause a reduction in the curb appeal of your home.

So, does a black garage door look good? Yes, but only for a short time at first.

4. Causing wood garage doors to warp

If your black garage door is made of wood, it will become a big issue. This is because wooden doors are susceptible to warping under intense heat, and black garage doors are even more vulnerable to that.

Black wooden garage doors absorb so much heat that they start to warp, causing significant damage to the door.

5. The house looks smaller

Black doors are not very complementary to a lot of common exterior home colors. As a result, having a black garage door causes the home to look smaller.

This is one of the most unnoticed reasons for not having a black garage door in your home.

POP'S GARAGE DOOR | Exploring the Enigma: Are Black Garage Doors a Bad Idea?

6. They fade faster

If you want your black garage door’s color to last longer, then you are out of luck. Since these doors take in so much heat, they suffer from sun damage.

This causes the color of these doors to fade much quicker than other doors. Once that happened, your black garage door will attract a lot of attention, but for the wrong reasons.

Final Words

One of the questions we face the most often while providing consultations about garage doors is “Are black garage doors a bad idea?”.

Black doors should be avoided if the area you live in has hot summers. But if you have a grey home and live in a colder area, then black garage doors can be a good solution.


1. What colors are good for garage doors?

There are a lot of colors that go well as a garage door color and add a lot of aesthetic value to your home. These colors include:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Brown

2. Are white garage doors a good idea?

Yes, white garage doors are a very good idea, and if you are confused between black or white garage doors, you should always go for white. These doors are easily cleanable, go well with all the external colors of a home, and don’t absorb a lot of heat. 

3. What are the best dark colors for garage doors?

Although you should avoid black garage doors, you can have other darker colors as your garage door colors. These colors include navy blue, burgundy, green, etc. 

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