How to Program LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Keypad

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What are some of the features of LiftMaster Keypad?

LiftMaster keypads offer a range of conveniences and safety functionalities that optimize garage door operations. First, these keypads are wireless which implies that you can open and close your garage door without the requirement for any remote control. Secondly, they are built with weather resistant materials to prevent them from failing in adverse environmental conditions. Also, LiftMaster keyboards allow temporary PIN numbers which make it easier to let in guests or technicians without giving away your main code and the keypad is illuminated to facilitate night time use; also, there is a one-button closing activated for ease of use.

How to Set LiftMaster Keypad

Setting up liftmaster keyboard generally takes few minutes only by following these simple steps:

Find Learn Button: Look at the back or side of the engine section where you will find learn button written on it.

Press Learn Button: Press and then release the “Learn” button. This LED light goes on indicating that this machine is ready to receive new code.

Key-in New Code into Keypad: Within 30 seconds go to your key pad and enter desired four digit PIN number press and hold ENTER until garage door opener light blinks or hear click sound-that’s an indication of successful programming.

Test Keypad: You may verify this by inputting this new code onto keypad plus clicking ENTER but-ton afterwards if this gate moves up/ down then be sure that everything has been programmed rightly.

How to Change Garage Code LiftMaster

It is important to remember to regularly change your access codes in order to maintain high security levels. Here’s how:

First Find Learn Button: Open casing where there should be a learn button under the cover.

Push & Hold Learn Button: While pressing down push learn button until LED light goes off (approximately 6 seconds); this will erase all old codes used previously.

Create New Code Again: Just follow the same steps when you are entering a new code:

Press and release the “learn” button.

Put your four digit PIN into keypad, press ENTER until opener light blinks.

Confirm New Code: Test it to make sure that it opens and closes as expected.

How to Change Code on LiftMaster Keypad Without Enter Button

If your LiftMaster keypad does not come with an enter button, you can still alter its password using these simple steps:

Look for Learn Button: Look for learn button on your gate opening machine.

Push Learn Button: Press and release the learn key. A LED light will be lit.

Type in New Code: In less than half a minute, let in your latest four-digit security code through the keyboard of this system.

Verify the New Code: Ensure that by typing it into the key pad, garage door responds properly to this new password entered.

By using these simple instructions one can easily program or change his/her LiftMaster garage gate opener keypad’s code number increasing convenience as well as security level. For further information or assistance from professionals please call Pop’s Garage Door Service who specializes in providing local residential overhead doors solutions.

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