Nylon vs Steel Garage Door Rollers: Which is Better?

Standing in front of your garage door, thinking about making it better or fixing something? Well, you’ve got a decision to make: Nylon vs. Steel Garage Door Rollers. It’s not just about what you like; it’s about how well your garage door works, how long it lasts, and even how much noise it makes.

Let us break it down for you: choosing between nylon and steel garage door rollers depends on priorities. While steel rollers offer durability and handle more weight, nylon rollers are quieter and require less maintenance, making them suitable for those prioritizing a noise-free operation.

Stick around with us as we talk about the practical stuff and what it really means to choose between nylon and steel rollers. By the end, we’ll help you figure out the big question: Which is better, garage door rollers, nylon vs. steel?

Understanding Rollers for Garage Doors

Before we jump into talking about nylon and steel, let’s start with the basics. Garage door rollers are those wheels attached to the door’s sides, allowing it to slide up and down along the tracks. These rollers can be made of different stuff, but the most common ones are nylon and steel.

Picking the right rollers is super important to keep your garage door safe and working for a long time. Garage doors can be heavy and kind of risky if they’re not taken care of properly. So, having the right rollers can stop accidents and injuries.

Also, the type of garage door rollers you choose can decide how many times you’ll need to fix things over the years. It’s crucial to pick rollers that go well with your specific garage door. They should be strong enough to handle the weight of the door and how often you use it.

Doing this can stop your garage door tracks and opener from getting damaged. It also lowers the chances of your garage door acting up or breaking down. 

What is a Nylon Garage Door Roller?

Nylon Garage Door Roller with cap

Nylon is lighter than steel. One cool thing about nylon rollers is that they’re super quiet when your garage door is moving. When your garage door has nylon rollers, it moves more smoothly along the tracks. This means less rubbing and makes your garage door work better.

Plus, they don’t need a lot of oiling and fixing. This can save you time and money in the long run. But keep in mind that nylon rollers might not last as long as steel ones and might need changing more often.

Also, nylon doesn’t get rusty or corroded like steel does. This is super helpful in places where it’s often humid or where the weather can be tough.

Even though nylon rollers might not be super tough, they’re still really good options. If you’re all about having a garage door that moves quietly, nylon rollers are a great pick for you.

What is a Steel Garage Door Roller?

2 Steel Garage Door Roller

Steel rollers are super common for garage doors. They’re made from strong steel that can handle the weight of most garage doors. These rollers are tough and last a long time if you take care of them. They can even handle really hot or tough weather, making them good for places with extreme climates.

But there’s a catch – steel rollers can be noisy if they’re not greased up properly. This noise can bug homeowners and be heard from inside and outside the garage. Even though they make noise, there are good things about steel rollers. They don’t break or wear out as easily as nylon ones.

Steel rollers are also strong enough to handle heavier garage doors. So, if your garage door is on the bigger side, going for steel rollers might be a good idea.

On top of that, steel rollers are usually cheaper than nylon ones. If you’re thinking a lot about cost, steel rollers could be a good and affordable choice for you.

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Nylon vs. Steel Garage Door Rollers: Which is Better?

Making the decision between nylon and steel garage door rollers ultimately depends on your priorities. Let’s explore the following:


Durability is all about whether garage door rollers have something called ball bearings. These are tiny metal balls put between the still part and the moving part of the roller to make it smoother. If there are no ball bearings, rollers wear out quickly. Most steel and nylon rollers have ball bearings, but plastic ones never do.

Usually, rollers have between seven and 13 ball bearings. The more ball bearings, the longer the roller lasts. For example, a nylon roller with 13 ball bearings is usually good for 20,000 times, while one with 10 ball bearings is good for 10,000 to 15,000 times.

Talking about the materials, both steel and nylon are strong and last for a similar amount of time. The big difference is that steel rollers can get rusty. Even though they have a coating to stop rust, they can get scratched or wear off.


Taking care of garage door rollers isn’t too hard. To keep them working well and avoid annoying noises, just put some lubricant on them twice a year. Use the lubricant your manual suggests. If your rollers have visible ball bearings, put the grease right on them. For rollers without bearings, put the grease on the roller itself. And if your rollers have sealed ball bearings, you don’t need to lubricate them at all.

Noise Level

When it comes to getting really quiet garage door rollers, nylon is the best choice. Steel rollers make vibrations and rattling sounds when they move along metal tracks. Nylon rollers are great because they’re quiet. If having a super quiet garage door is important to you, go for nylon.


Talking about the price, steel garage door rollers are cheaper than nylon ones. If you want a more affordable option and don’t mind a bit more noise, steel could be a good pick.

But remember, the cost also depends on how many ball bearings the rollers have. Rollers with 13 ball bearings are better than ones with 10 or seven, and they cost more.

Though choosing depends on you but, experts who know a lot about garage doors often suggest choosing nylon rollers. They might be a bit more expensive than steel rollers, but they’re a good investment. Nylon rollers are strong and reliable and make your garage door work quietly. But, if you want to save money right away and don’t mind a louder garage door, steel rollers are still a sensible choice.

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About Plastic

Now, about plastic rollers – it’s best to stay away from them. They’re not good quality and usually only last for two or three years. Some builders use them to save money, but if you have plastic rollers, it’s a good idea to replace them soon.

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Wrapping Up

To sum it up, when deciding between Nylon vs. Steel Garage Door Rollers, it all comes down to what’s most important to you. If you want a quiet garage door and don’t mind spending a bit more, go for nylon rollers. But if you’re more focused on saving money and having durable rollers, steel is a good choice. It’s all about what matters most to you.


What are overhead door rollers?

Overhead door rollers are wheels attached to the sides of garage doors, allowing smooth movement along the tracks.

Do replacement rollers for the garage door come with warranties?

It depends on the manufacturer. Some replacements may offer warranties, providing added assurance for your investment.

How often should I perform garage door wheel replacement?

Consider replacement every 5-7 years, but it depends on factors like usage and maintenance.

Where can I find garage door rollers near me?

You can find garage door rollers at local hardware stores, home improvement centers, or specialized garage door retailers.

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